The Best Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

The housing market often acts as though it's hanging from a spring; one minute it's soaring, the next minute it's plummeting. One thing's certain, however, and that is that whatever the state of the market, it's always best to do your utmost to increase the value of your home. A few obvious pointers Creating extra space is always a good way to increase your home's value, as long as it's done well; loft conversions, conservatories and basement conversions add more than twelve per cent to the price. Private parking space is always an attractive addition, so a paved area in the garden may be worth...Read more

Tips To Keep Plumbing Costs To A Minimum

Keep plumbing expenses to a minimum with the following tips. Clogged Drains If the sink is clogged, first try using a plunger. They are environmentally friendly, and moreover, they are effective. If the water is draining slowly, pouring boiling water down the drain may do the trick. Alternatively, a drain cleaner may be used, but follow instructions carefully. Clear Pipes Soda crystals mixed with hot water is an easy convenient way to keep baths and sinks clear and clean. Do this four to five times a year to reduce the need for a plumber. Limescale Remover on Chrome Taps Limescale remover can...Read more

Wallpapering Made Simple

Wallpapering a room is not as daunting as it first seems, just plan the steps in advance and follow these handy tips. First steps Check that the rolls have the same codes and are preferably from the same batch, so that the colours match. Touch up any paintwork before you start, then move the furniture and put down dust sheets. Starting Strip back the walls to bare plaster by soaking the covering to loosen the adhesive, and then use a scraper or stripping knife. If the surface is moisture resistant score it in a criss cross pattern to help the water penetrate. Steamers are available to hire for...Read more

Skip Hire Do's and Don'ts

If you are planning on tackling a home improvement project or other property modification, it is likely that you will require the services of a skip hire company. This is due to the simple fact that the amount of waste generated is likely to preclude your ability to make use of a normal rubbish container. However, this can be a deceptively challenging task and there are a few things to keep in mind when planning on using a skip hire company. Let us look at some of the basic features you need to consider as well as some safety tips. Skip Sizes Obviously, you will need to take into account the...Read more

Three Keys To Choosing A Builder You Can Count On

Choosing a builder need not be difficult if you are prepared to do a little research into the key areas of reputation, competence and costs. Reputation The best recommendations are those from your family, neighbours or friends. You will have the advantage of seeing the standard of completed work and getting an unbiased assessment of the builder’s expertise and reliability. Any reputable builder should be able to show you recent references from customers. Be a little wary of making the decision based only on the written references as it is relatively easy to produce fake ones. Competence While...Read more

What Are The Most Common Types Of Conservatory

In the United Kingdom and further afield, conservatories are a much loved addition to homes. This trend, which began more than three hundred years ago, creates a wonderful link between the house and garden. Modern conservatories are usually made of unplasticised PVC, hardwoods or aluminium. As with all types of building, the construction of conservatories has changed over the centuries, both in terms of design and the materials used. In the previous three hundred years, a rather more classical style in brick and timber was standard for conservatories that were both attractive and functional....Read more